Amanda + Mike | Oheka Castle, Huntington

Weddings at Oheka Castle are always something special – it’s almost like stepping back in time. Built over 100 years ago, this amazing castle was once the second-largest private residence in the US. It’s now the site for some of the most special and stunning weddings in the Long Island area – and Amanda and Mike’s was no exception!

I got to know Amanda and Mike over the course of their engagement, and by the time their wedding day came around in April, they felt like old friends.

I was so glad we were able to take full advantage of the grounds of Oheka on their wedding day. I wanted to capture the sweeping vistas and ivy-covered walls of the castle with the gorgeous bride and groom in the foreground.

This wedding is a good example of how you can STILL take advantage of your venue for portraits, even if you don’t have the ceremony there. It was really important for Amanda and Mike to have a traditional Armenian church ceremony, but with some smart planning and time management, we were able to capture so many dreamy shots at the venue.

What did I love about this wedding? Besides everything.

  • Being able to explore the grounds to find the best shots with my videographer pals at Bilski Productions. If you need a videographer, they’re the best!
  • The special touches that Amanda and Mike had while getting ready – especially the little blue heart sewn into her dress.
  • Their decor was AMAZING – soft candlelight and tons of pink and white flowers. Perfect for spring!
  • Having my friends Barattini Productions as the DJs – so much fun!
  • The Cigar Bar – always a great way to end the night
  • The beautiful exit from the church! I love getting these shots!


Check out my favorites below!

Amanda+Mike_13Amanda+Mike_19Amanda+Mike_24Amanda+Mike_34Amanda+Mike_39Amanda+Mike_126Amanda+Mike_130Amanda+Mike_150Amanda+Mike_131Kaitlyn Ferris Template_Ashleigh + Kevin Sidee by SideAmanda+Mike_1143Amanda+Mike_186Amanda+Mike_1090Kaitlyn Ferris Template_Erika & Ryan3Amanda+Mike_208Amanda+Mike_209Amanda+Mike_1153Amanda+Mike_239Kaitlyn Ferris Template_Erika & Ryan5 copy 2Amanda+Mike_306Amanda+Mike_309Amanda+Mike_337Amanda+Mike_339Amanda+Mike_348Kaitlyn Ferris Template_Erika & Ryan5 copyAmanda+Mike_357Amanda+Mike_370Amanda+Mike_374Kaitlyn Ferris Template_Erika & Ryan2Amanda+Mike_379Amanda+Mike_380Amanda+Mike_384Amanda+Mike_387Amanda+Mike_391Amanda+Mike_394Amanda+Mike_395Amanda+Mike_401Amanda+Mike_409Amanda+Mike_413Amanda+Mike_424Amanda+Mike_433Amanda+Mike_444Amanda+Mike_447Amanda+Mike_449Amanda+Mike_456Amanda+Mike_500Amanda+Mike_513Amanda+Mike_515Amanda+Mike_605Amanda+Mike_623Amanda+Mike_624Amanda+Mike_631Amanda+Mike_633Amanda+Mike_640Amanda+Mike_643Amanda+Mike_665Amanda+Mike_720Kaitlyn Ferris Template_Erika & Ryan 1Amanda+Mike_973Kaitlyn Ferris Template_Erika & Ryan4Kaitlyn Ferris Template_Erika & Ryan5 copy 3Amanda+Mike_1025Amanda+Mike_1036Amanda+Mike_1040Kaitlyn Ferris Template_Erika & Ryan5Amanda+Mike_981




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