Ashley + Spencer | Oyster Bay, NY

Every engagement session has the power to absolutely knock me off my feet. Whether it’s the soft, streaming light, the vibrant, natural colors of the world spinning around us, or the love that passes like electricity through two beautiful people, each session has a unique element to it that makes it special.

As a photographer, engagement sessions are precious to me, because it’s a chance to make some incredible magic with you from behind my lens without the added pressure that comes with your wedding day. Every look, every touch, and every smile is different – a chance to show the world how happy you are every second you spend with your sweet love.

For Ashley + Spencer, the magic between them overflowed at the grounds of Planting Fields without even so much as trying! The way these two looked at each other seemed to make the world disappear, and, without much direction, they would instantly melt into each other every time they locked eyes. It was one of those moments you wish you could relive again and again.

I think my favorite thing about this session was how happy and giddy Ashley + Spencer were as they nestled themselves in the kaleidoscope of florals. Ashley + Spencer can only be described as a true explosion of love; it’s so clear that they are meant to walk through this life together, enjoying the scenery, and leaning in to one another the way soulmates do. Their excitement for life (and passion for each other) is something that I am so honored to be able to witness, and I can only imagine the amazing things these two will do together. It’s a journey I don’t want to miss!

But for now, pour over these ethereal images of two people in love, and remember to enjoy the little things in life, just like Ashley + Spencer seem to do.


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