Ashley + Spencer | Smithtown, NY

Some of the most intimate days I’ve ever experienced has been behind my lens, photographing all of the gorgeous weddings that take my breath away. It’s an incredible honor to be there to witness the beginning of your lives together, and the beautiful moments you share with the people you love the most mean as much to me as they do to you and your family. The history you have inspires me to create these rich, intimate images that I know will eventually be passed down in your family for decades, and getting to feel like I’m part of that is so amazing.

As a wedding photographer, I’m always amazed at the uniqueness of each wedding day – whether it was planned over the course of five months or five years. Every deeply personal and intimate touch you add to the decor, style, and atmosphere helps build the most fantastic memories, and each photo tells a story of how your homegrown love has evolved and expanded over the years.

Ashley + Spencer’s super ethereal day at Stonebridge Country Club was the perfect end to a whirlwind July. The amount of love and support that filled their space was enormous, and the emotional connection they had to not only each other, but their collective family too, was so incredible. Every element of their I Do’s was brimming with intimate touches, and it was evident in the way Ashley + Spencer looked at each other that this was just a stepping stone to a lifetime of love and happiness.

One of my favorite moments was during bride prep, when Ashley brought out a beautifully bound book from her late grandmother that was filled with notes and observations over the course of Ashley’s life. It was so touching to see the warm sentiments inside, and it reminded me that love is a boundless experience that transcends all of the highs and lows we experience in this beautiful life! When you’re with the people who love you, everything else seems to just fade away. It’s so sweet!

Congratulations, Ashley + Spencer! I wish you both a lifetime of sweetness + light, and I can’t wait to see where your journey in love takes you!



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