Jenn + Mike | Giorgio’s, Baiting Hollow

I’ve said it before, but I love spring weddings! There’s something about the soft morning light that’s perfect to capture the sweetness of the getting-ready photos. If you’re blessed with perfect weather like Jenn + Mike were, it’s not too humid, and the earth is finally starting to come alive. Call me cheesy, but I definitely see a connection between the newness of springtime and the newness of marriage.

This was one of those weddings where the dress sets the tone of the whole day. Jenn’s dress was so simple and elegant, yet a total knockout. It allowed her natural beauty to shine through, and its simplicity was echoed in their decor choices and overall vibe of the day.

Jenn + Mike wrote notes to each other to read when getting ready, and it was such a sweet and special moment. Brides – you should definitely consider this! Just ask your makeup artist to use waterproof mascara 😉

Their church was gorgeous – what a backdrop! As a photographer, I get so excited when I walk into a church and see an altar space like this.

It was a little bit windy that day, which was PERFECT for my favorite – the “veil” shot, when the bride’s veil swirls around in the breeze.

Their reception was at Giorgio’s, a special place for them since Jenn grew up right around the corner. Their wedding decor was simple – lots of whites and greens – but still lush and gorgeous.

Jenn + Mike are the sweetest, most down-to-earth couple (he proposed when she was in her bathrobe and a hair towel!)  and you can really see their love shine through in these photos.

J+M Wedding_Erika & Ryan 1Jenn+Mike_15Jenn+Mike_630Jenn+Mike_17Jenn+Mike_644Jenn+Mike_65J+M Wedding_Erika & Ryan3Jenn+Mike_620Jenn+Mike_92J+M Wedding_Erika & Ryan2Jenn+Mike_95Jenn+Mike_116J+M Wedding_Erika & Ryan4Jenn+Mike_155Jenn+Mike_161Jenn+Mike_164J+M Wedding_Erika & Ryan5Jenn+Mike_177Jenn+Mike_179Jenn+Mike_190Jenn+Mike_247Jenn+Mike_248Jenn+Mike_259Jenn+Mike_260Jenn+Mike_269Jenn+Mike_686Jenn+Mike_349Jenn+Mike_355Jenn+Mike_670Jenn+Mike_718Jenn+Mike_381Jenn+Mike_382Jenn+Mike_387Jenn+Mike_731Jenn+Mike_730Jenn+Mike_614Jenn+Mike_616J+M Wedding_Ashleigh + Kevin Sidee by Side


Venue: Giorgio’s

Entertainment: Silver Arrow Band

Hair: Alex Denaro

Makeup: Lisa Barry

Florals: Sugar Magnolias

Cake: Bonne Boulangerie

Invitations: Magnet Street

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