Krysten + Brian | Dune Road, Westhampton

Another day, another beautiful Dune Road engagement shoot!

I love shooting at Dune Road in Westhampton Beach. Depending on the time of year and the time of day, the light is TOTALLY different, so no shoot is exactly the same. For example – check out this recent Dune Road shoot (with a dog, too!).  Different month, different weather, totally different feel.

I really like engagement shoot locales that are versatile, and where we can get a variety of backdrops without having to get in the car and drive somewhere else. Dune Road is perfect for that – one side is a rolling beach vista, the other is sun-dappled dunes.

Not only did I get to shoot with Krysten + Brian, but they brought along their adorable pup Abby. She was SO good and I can’t get over her little doggie face! She was down for anything and definitely posed for the camera when needed.

Krysten + Brian are so sweet and so in love – I actually just shot their wedding a few weeks ago, so stay tuned for that on the blog soon! At their wedding, Brian surprised Krysten with a “first look” with Abby. It was literally the cutest thing ever.

Krysten did a really good job picking out her outfit for this shoot – the bright yellow is perfect! I get asked a lot about what to wear for engagement shoots, and Krysten’s dress is a great example. It was pretty but also comfortable, and the bright color really stood out against the backdrop.

Another thing I loved about this shoot? The weather wasn’t perfect the whole time. You might be thinking, “Are you nuts?!” but sometimes when the fog rolls in and it gets a little cloudy, I can get some really amazing, moody pics of the water and the sky. Luckily we still had plenty of golden hour light, but I love the texture of the waves rolling in the wind and the moody vibe of the grayer sky in some of these photos.

Krysten+Brian_142Krysten+Brian_33Side by Side 2Krysten+Brian_16Krysten+Brian_15Krysten+Brian_13Krysten+Brian_5Krysten+Brian_18Krysten+Brian_38Krysten+Brian_37Side by Side 1Side by Side 5Krysten+Brian_79Krysten+Brian_62Krysten+Brian_96Side by Side 3Krysten+Brian_50Side by Side 4Krysten+Brian_145Krysten+Brian_129Krysten+Brian_103Krysten+Brian_116Krysten+Brian_117Krysten+Brian_126

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