Lindsay + Frankie | Baiting Hollow, NY

In life, we have a tendency to count the days. Three days until the rain lets up, two months until your dream vacation, 90 days until you tie the knot.

In love, however, we often lose track of that time, solely because every moment we spend with the person we love feels like the beginning of the most incredible journey. Time becomes a boundless, endless loop of the most perfect seconds shared over sips of coffee or nights on the back porch, whispering dreams in the dark. It’s the forever you hold gingerly in the palm of your hands. It’s the universe’s way of showing you that the feeling of infinity is the most beautiful thing you’ll ever feel.

From afar, I watched Lindsay + Frankie count down the days until their summery wedding, but to me, it felt so much bigger than that. Really, I was watching the seconds tick by until they bound themselves together in the presence of their friends and family (and when Lindsay walked down the aisle, time slowed so beautifully). Truly, I was watching them fall more deeply in love as their June date approached, knowing full well that, for the rest of their lives, these two would have something some people only wish to find: a best friend to share their fears, their hopes, and their achievements. In Frankie, Lindsay found someone who never doubts her courage or zest for life, and in Lindsay, Frankie found a person who compels his strength (and loves his shoe collection). In each other: a sunrise and a sunset. A dreamy beginning; a fiery love.

Lindsay + Frankie, words cannot describe how much I loved witnessing this incredible moment. There is a reason your wedding song began to play on the beach just a few hours after you said I do: kismet. You two are so perfect for each other, and I am so honored that I was able to be part of that rip in time where two people met, fell in love, and promised each other their forevers. Your wedding day will be something I cherish, always. Congratulations, you two!



Video: Bilski Productions
DJ: Barattini Productions
Florals: Wildflower Floral Events
Venue: Giorgio’s


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