Miki + John | Maternity | North Fork Farm

If you’ve ever driven on the North Fork, you’ve noticed the beautiful farmland. This is one of the reasons I love the east end and the North Fork! Instead of strip malls and Starbucks, you get wide open spaces of blue sky and green grass, dotted with farmhouses and pickup trucks.

John is a farmer whose family owns several farms on the North Fork, and he and Miki live on one of them – we couldn’t think of a better spot to capture their maternity shoot. I got the chance to shoot their beautiful wedding a few years ago, and I was really excited to capture this new chapter in their lives!

I love the outside shots on the farm, but I also love the more intimate shots I got inside with their ultrasound photo of their sweet babe. You can really feel the love inside their sweet farmhouse home, and their little one is going to be one lucky little baby!

Miki+John_46Miki+John_40Miki+John_4M&J side by side-01.pngMiki+John_30Miki+John_17Miki+John_54Miki+John_65





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