You are spectacular and I love you forever. You were my first and only choice. No one else would have been able to capture or understand our wedding like you did.”

Sarah, Bride

The fact that my wedding is now over has me feeling bittersweet for two reasons: first is the fact that it was the best day of my life and it was over in the blink of an eye, and the second is (for now) we're done working with Kaitlyn Ferris.


Kaitlyn is anything and everything you could ask for in a photographer. She's organized, fast, friendly, and so unbelievably good at her job. She's got such a gift for what she does that's incredibly hard to come by and every single photo she takes looks like it's right out of a fairytale. The flowers are eventually going to die, the dress is going to be packed away, but these photos are something I'm going to put in our home on display and cherish forever. She's worth every penny, and I can't wait until I have an excuse to use her for another milestone in our lives. Thank Kaitlyn, you are the best.


Nicole + Erica, Brides

I can say in all honesty that Kaitlyn's photos exceeded every expectation I had. The synergy of her vision, her aesthetic her understanding of balance and mostly her ability to capture the light is pure magic.


I was so impressed I even went on social media and looked at other weddings shot there and saw people photographed in the exact location as our bride and groom and Kaitlyn pictures seriously looked heavenly because of the angle she shot the photo... that is what you pay for. As a mother of the bride I don't even think I knew until right after our special day how much the pictures would mean to us but life goes fast and pictures last a lifetime. Trust your memories to Kaitlyn you'll be glad you did.


Light catchers are born, not made.. It’s my own personal theory. You come from that tribe obviously so to photograph as your calling is amazing! We are beyond lucky to of had you for our special day. I didn’t even know how important it would be until the minute the wedding was over. This photo is a gorgeous example but there is magic photo fairy dust in every single picture I’ve seen. We are ecstatic.


Mary, MOB (Hilary + Tariq)

Kaitlyn is truly a dream. Before we were even engaged, I reached out to her looking for her availability. I was blown away by her previous work and knew that she was exactly the photographer that I wanted on my wedding day.


She is passionate about her work and professional in every way you would want a vendor to be! She was prompt in her email responses, easy to get in contact with, and the most calm and patient photographer I have ever worked with.

Danielle, BRIDE

Kaitlyn was able to catch the dreamy light of “golden hour” which made our pictures look so warm and inviting. She truly loves what she does and wants to make everyone’s pictures a work of art.


Kaitlyn is an amazingly gifted photographer. We worked with her for our engagement and wedding shoots and were blown away by her ability to bring our love and the essence of our relationship into the photos. She certainly has an incredible aesthetic and eye for light but also works hard to make sure the couple's personality and style are reflected in the moments she's capturing.


During the wedding – Kaitlyn and her assistant – were wonderful. They both embodied the vibe of the wedding in their photography and made everyone feel comfortable. Now that the big day is over, I am left with stunning photos that will help me relive the specialness of the day forever. I really feel so honored to have worked with Kaitlyn and cannot recommend her enough – she is the truly the REAL deal and such a talented artist

Hilary + Tariq

Not many people know that the minute Danielle and I got engaged, Kaitlyn Ferris was one of the first people she spoke to. They didn’t know each other, we had only gotten engaged hours before, and we didn’t even have a clue on wedding date/venue/ANYTHING… but there Danielle was on the phone with Kaitlyn. That’s how much Kaitlyn and her team meant to us.


When we picked our first date and found out 2 months later it needed to be changed, we rearranged everything based on Kaitlyn’s schedule. Luckily for us, the date was perfect, the wedding was magical, and Kaitlyn was by our sides the whole night capturing it all. She let us be who we are… the ones crazy enough to order pizzas in our tux/dress. And that’s just one of the million reasons we went with Kaitlyn. She is not commercialized. She is genuine. She has that special something that makes you comfortable around her and we wouldn't have it any other way. Kaitlyn, you were beyond anything we could have ever asked for and may you get pizza for every shoot you do.

danny + danielle

Kaitlyn is spectacular and a true visionary! From the minute we met her, we knew Kaitlyn was the one! She was INCREDIBLY sweet, responsive, so easy to talk to and to work with. My fiance and I were admittedly dreading our engagement shoot for fear of uncomfortable staged poses and corny pictures, but Kaitlyn made the process such a breeze!


Fast forward to our wedding day, and not only did Kaitlyn make it easy, but she captured every last detail!!! There was no shortage of GORGEOUS photos! Her work is truly breathtaking, and my fiance and I feel so lucky to have worked with such a talented artist. After the most amazing night of your life, you wake up to a full gallery of "teasers" that allow you to relive the night all over again! When we received our full gallery, we couldn't believe how stunning each and every picture was. She was able to capture so much that we have no idea how we are going to select pictures for our album! We truly cannot recommend Kaitlyn enough!!! We look forward to working with her in the future for all the important milestones in our lives!

Janine, BRIDE






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