Deanna + Jason | Manorville, NY

Over the past six years, so many exciting things have happened in my professional life. I’ve shot almost 100 weddings (which means I’ve seen almost 100 just-married kisses!), and I’ve watched with so much wonder as my couples go on to do absolutely amazing things. Getting to be part of my couples lives – and memories – has meant so much to me, and it’s truly incredible how many perfect moments my lens has seen.

Although most of my focus these days has been on weddings + engagements, it’s always nice to slow down a little bit and dive into some maternity shoots.¬†Deanna + Jason are such a special couple to me, because not only did I have the distinct honor of shooting their wedding day, but they’ve also had me there for some seriously huge milestones in their life! When they bought their first home, we had a blast capturing them in their new little nest, and, most recently, I had the pleasure of heading back to their space to photograph their newest adventure in life – a baby girl! It was so surreal to be able to be there for such an important moment, because Deanna + Jason have become such great friends, and my excitement for them continues to mount as the years flow on.

Deanna is truly one of the most ambitious people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and it’s always so refreshing to be around some of the magical energy she always seems to put out into the universe. Her and that sweet little bump of hers have ran a whole bunch of races together (and have earned a lot of medals!), and at 27 weeks, Deanna completed the Marine Corps Half Marathon! She is such a dedicated and accomplished woman – ¬†one that I am so privileged to know and photograph often.

Deanna + Jason, I am so thrilled so share these beautiful photos with the rest of the world, and I can’t wait to see all of the snap shots you’ll take of your precious baby girl! Here’s to plenty of cute outfits, a lifetime of sticker charts, and the most perfect love you could ever imagine.







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