Photography has been my passion for over 16 years! In 2011 I shot my first wedding with no idea what this industry was all about.

That first couple took a chance on me and completely changed my life.


It's an honor to be chosen to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments and to celebrate love stories for a living.


I've been lucky enough to call the east end of Long Island home for my entire life. I believe it's truly where my photography shines, and therefore I exclusively photograph weddings out here on the two forks!


All the farms, the wildflower fields and the summer drives down Dune Road driving barefoot with the windows down are a few of my favorite things.


Capturing the magic of golden hour on the north fork or the pink painted skies over the ocean in MTK - it's truly my happy place on this end of the island.

The ultimate Kaitlyn Ferris fun fact?

I'm a leap year baby!

(yes, that means I only get a *real* birthday every 4 years)


I'm married to my best friend, Kevin! Everyday with him is a new adventure that I'm so grateful for. We live in Calverton (perfectly nestled between the two forks) with our sweet bulldog, Forge, in our home we named The Little Pine!

I love: spending time on the lake kayaking, a good backyard bonfire, calligraphy + anything hand written, being barefoot whenever I can + just being a total homebody!

to learn about my WHY, and the true reason behind my success as an artist, there's one special guy to truly thank:

+ a few more things:

The Little Pine Illustration for Kaitlyn Ferris Wedding Photography - Things I loveOur home, the little pine
Jeep Waver Illustration for Kaitlyn Ferris Wedding Photography - Things I lovetopless jeep weather!
Forge Illustration for Kaitlyn Ferris Wedding Photography - Things I lovemy sweet bulldog, forge!

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