Heather + Nick | Oceanside, NY

For years, I’ve been dreaming about doing a moody, at-home engagement session with one of my beautiful couples, but until now, I’ve never had the chance! As the fates would have it, a rainy day threatened the already planned session of Heather + Nick, so when Heather pitched me the amazing idea of capturing their love in their apartment, I could not have been more on board! Heather + Nick’s place also happens to be their first home together, and since Nick is in the service and had recently returned home from deployment, this setting could not have been more perfect and symbolic. We lit some candles and turned the lights down low, emulating that comfortable feeling of truly being at home with the person you love, and with the soft evening light and churning ocean view on our side, we created some absolutely stunning portraits.

Heather + Nick also braved the freezing rain and let me snap some photos of them outside on their porch, huddled under my trusty umbrella! You’d never have any idea that the wind was whipping past us or that the rain was falling practically sideways. The serenity these two radiate when they’re together is unmatchable, and I can’t believe the gorgeousness we were able to capture with such insane weather conditions!

With all the April precipitation lately, I’ve been bringing my umbrella on every shoot, and it has truly become my favorite prop ever! There’s something about the rain and huddling under a little umbrella that quickly blooms into these intimate and romantic portraits – it’s seriously so incredible. Rain on your wedding day – or during your engagement session – doesn’t have to be the end of the world (even though it may feel like it). With me by your side, I’ll find surefire ways to capture every kiss, every embrace, and every detail with finesse so each portrait of you and your new sweetheart looks totally serene. Not to mention, we’ll have a blast doing it, too! I promise!

For now, kick back, grab a cup of tea, and your favorite blanket, and take a peek at Heather + Nick’s gorgeous rainy day engagement session.



Hair + Makeup: Metamorphosis New York


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