Alanna + Jimmy | Lindenhurst, NY

There are moments in our lives that define who we are, and at their very core, they are the reason we grow, thrive, and travel roads we never thought we’d wander down. For most, these moments are the stepping stones to new beginnings, deeper bonds, and bigger pictures. They are the bright lights that illuminate our steps as we walk through life, searching for purpose.

Being a wedding photographer gives me a unique perspective into the ferocity in which people love, and the obstacles they overcome to get to where they are. Every time I’m behind my lens, I’m not just snapping photos for you to gush over for a few minutes – I’m freezing time, preserving the seconds that will eventually remind you of the roads you both took that brought you to the altar, no matter where that may be or how long it took you to get there.

Alanna + Jimmy’s love story is one that has been fueled by a magnificent love. Their daughter, Harper, is one of the most tangible indicators of that, as the devotion they share for her (and one another) is evident in every year they share together. Through every test their relationship has offered them, Alanna + Jimmy have passed with flying colors, finding strength in each other through every up and down.

Alanna + Jimmy’s paths crossed long before they ever knew what a beautiful life they’d share, lighting the way for the incredible adventures that were yet to come. And their 33 person bridal party (!!) and incredible family were a true reflection of the people who have loved and supported them along the way. Jimmy looked at Alanna as if she were the only girl in the room, reminding me that love is endless and continually changing, but always there to connect us when we need it the most.

Alanna + Jimmy (+ little Harper!), I wish you many adventures, many moments, and a love to last a life time. Congratulations!



Video: Bilski Productions
DJ: Marc Bauman
Hair: Jamie St. George + Jamie Dorr
Planning + Invitations: Stephanie Dornemann
Venue: Chateau La Mer



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