The Wernau Family | Middle Island, NY

If there’s anything I love more than photography, succulents, and beautiful things, it’s an adorable family session that ends with a sweet surprise! Because what better way to announce a brand new bundle of joy than deep in the woods of Prosser Pines, surrounded by cascading trees and your little family!?

Emily and Dan were the cutest couple, and getting the chance to photograph them for such a life-changing announcement felt like such an honor. Emily looked absolutely radiant, and the way Dan looked at her with wonder in his eyes was more than I could have ever asked for. Seeing them so in love was so inspiring for me!

Their ten-month-old son, Daniel, totally stole the show though, with his adorable hat and piercing eyes. He had the best time – the kind of fun you wish you could have as an adult – watching the dogs that ran around and taking in all the scenery. For a while, Daniel studied me, unsure of what to make of this goofy girl with a camera, but eventually he got comfortable and gave me the biggest, brightest smiles possible. He was sooooo cute!

This shoot was such a dream and I feel so lucky that I was able to be part of such a big surprise! This is one of the major reasons I love getting to photograph your ever-changing family: it freezes these fleeting moments in time and gives you something to go back to many years from now, remembering all the fun little seconds you spent together as a family. Life gets busy, and it’s easy to miss out on snapping some pretty photos yourself, so taking some time to really be together and have some professional photos done can make all the difference in the coming years!

Try not to squeal when you see little Daniel in his adorable hat, and take a look at the sweetest family session ever!


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